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Anthony Cirillo

Anthony Cirillo

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Anthony is a veteran health care executive who became passionate about elders, aging and caregiving when he started to entertain elders in various settings.

Contact him at cirillo@4wardfast.com.

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The One Day Marketing Crusade!
A full day immersion that motivates management and staff, engages residents, families, the community and media. Build brand loyalty and awareness, increase morale, set the stage for increased occupancy.

The Caregiver Smile Tour
Sponsor the tour in your city and put smiles back on the faces of beleaguered family caregivers while building your brand.


Anthony is passionate about elders and those who care for them. A consultant to healthcare organizations in strategic marketing and customer experience, a professional speaker, popular blogger and industry thought leader, Anthony is the author of Who Moved My Dentures? a book that dispels myths about aging and long-term care.

A Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Anthony knows healthcare from the inside out and that benefits About.com readers and his clients alike. An accredited business communicator of the International Association of Business Communicators, he is able to translate his healthcare knowledge into conversational and informative articles and blogs for readers.


Also contact Anthony if:

  • You need effective strategic marketing and sales for your organization.
  • You need to create a new vision and strategy.
  • You want to create exceptional experiences for employees, residents, patients and clients.
  • You need a motivational and entertaining keynoter for internal and external events.


Anthony holds a Masters Degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree from Drexel University, both in Philadelphia, PA.

By Anthony Cirillo:

I did literally fall into long-term care through a talent for singing. And I still sing for residents in long-term care to this day. The impact that seniors have had on me has been tremendous and the fulfillment I receive is wonderful.

Because of my love for seniors, I have focused my efforts in assuring that they are respected and receive the care they deserve. Of course that has immersed me deeply in the aging services industry.

We are facing a perfect storm - aging baby boomers in need of care and a healthcare system taxed to provide that care. I feel that if people were educated about aging issues sooner in life, they would make smart decisions and exercise self-responsibility for their health. Those that work in aging services have an obligation to assist people in becoming educated so that health and long-term care are not always entered in a crisis mode. That is smart business and a key marketing tool for businesses in the aging sector.

I look forward to helping you succeed.


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