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Earning CEUs Online

A Great Way for Busy Activity/CTRS Professionals to Stay Current


Earning CEUs Online

Recreation Activity Resources offers an array of courses to keep professionals current in their education.

Recreation Activity Resources

Busy is a perpetual state of being for activity and certified therapeutic recreation specialist professionals! Every day it’s a race against time to plan engaging programs for residents, attend morning staff meetings, comfort family members, visit residents in their rooms and complete the mountain of paperwork on your desk – and still to remain a certified professional you need to take continuing education courses each year. How can you fit classes into your day?

Dorothea E. Brewer MA, TRS/TXC, CTRS, CLP, ACC and Karen Connelly - Leath TRS/TXC, are Therapeutic Recreation Specialists who know the problem and created a 21st century solution with their company Recreation Activity Resources.

“The mission of Recreation Activity Resources is to assist all Recreation and Activity Professionals in reaching their potential by fostering educational growth, personal growth, and tolerance,” said Dorothea Brewer.

Started in 2010, Recreation Activity Resources offers educational services for Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, and Activity Directors including an online and home study version of NCCAP-Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals 2nd Edition Courses (MEPAP I and II) and CTRAC version.

The course has been designed so that the student focus directly on the classroom course work for the first nine weeks. Once the student completes the classroom part of the course they continue with their 96-hour fieldwork experience beginning week 10 through week 16. Students submit their assignments every other week;this schedule allows the student time management while balancing their work, family and class.

All students are offered optional live chats and classroom forum. This allows students the opportunity to interact with other fellow classmates. The course is 16 weeks. “There are payment plans and the company can recommend scholarships opportunities as well,” said Karen Connelly-Leath.

The company also provides Online Continuing Education Workshops in topics ranging from fundraising to activity programing ideas in games, science, music etc. to further the education and meet the needs of various certifications.

Sharon Ray-Cassedy, B.S., Director & MUI-UI Compliance Administrator at True Alternatives, Cincinnati Ohio is a program graduate. "I had the pleasure of taking the Activity Director Courses with Dorothea and Karen a few years back. Although I was unable to take the 2nd part of the 180 hour course with them, I did take the 90 hour course. With their insight and out-of-the-box thinking in teaching this course, I was able to implement what I had learned from this class into my daily activity schedule that I developed at my then current job.

“There was not one time when I tried to get hold of them, which they did not reply in a timely manner. Anytime I had a question, they answered. I enjoyed the class, and I hope someday to be able to take another through their network. Great program and Dorothea and Karen are wonderful to work with!"

Dorothea and Karen met in 2000 when common mentor Dr. Jackie Vaughan suggested that Karen do her Therapeutic Recreation Internship at Methodist's Hospitals Psychiatric Wing under Dorothea Brewer. Karen did a three month internship and found that she and Dorothea worked wonderfully together. Dorothea urged Karen to get approved to teach the CTRAC Activity Director Courses which she had been teaching for years. They ended up eventually team teaching these course in Houston, Texas.

Karen and Dorothea helped build another successful Activity Professional education company in 2006 and split with that business in 2010 and created their own company Recreation Activity Resources. In 2012 they teamed up with Alvin Community College, Texas to teach programs for the Junior College online.

Donna Martin, ADC/TXC at Grace Care Center of Cypress, Texas, knows both women and their online courses. "Dorothea Brewer and Karen Connelly Leath are outstanding in their field of educating Activity Directors,” Martin said. “Additionally, they go above and beyond to network in the community in an effort to make a difference in the lives of Activity Directors and residents and patients in healthcare facilities."

Dorothea has over 30 years experience as a practitioner in the field of Therapeutic Recreation. She has extensive knowledge in the field of Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Community, Long Term Care and Special Population.

Karen is a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist from Kingwood, Texas. Karen has 16 years experience in Assisted Living Facilities, Long Term Care, Dementia Care, Psychiatric, and recreation centers.

Recreation Activity Resources can be contacted by email at: rarinstructors@yahoo.com; by phone at 832-341-3723; fax at: 1-800-861-3078.

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