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An individualized, well though out activities program is at the heart of a quality life for residents in nursing homes or assisted living residences. Activities is not just about bingo and watching television. In fact, activity programs can be quite creative and stimulating for the mind. And the health and well-being benefits of a good program are becoming more and more documented. In short, this stuff works.
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One on One Activities
Activity directors spend a lot of time planning engaging programs for their residents. Despite working hard to offer a variety of programming for residents of all ages and abilities, there is still the task of serving residents who by desire or illness refuse to leave their rooms. Here are ten ways to engage residents.

Activities for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living
An individualized, well though out activities program is at the heart of a quality life for residents in nursing homes or assisted living residences. Activities is not just about bingo and watching television. In fact, activity programs can be quite creative and stimulating for the mind. And the health and well-being benefits of a good program...

Science for Seniors
Using science for seniors as part of your activities program can help stimulate the brain and contribute to resident quality of life. A one-hour hands-on program called Science for Seniors, created by the author has four parts: select a topic, present fun facts, watch a video on the subject and do a safe experiment with residents. Let's experiment.

Ceramics can be a fun activity for all ages. And particularly it can be used for the short-stay rehabilitation patient too. Let's look at how to get started with using ceramics in your activity program.

Memory Care
Site, smell, sounds, touch all invoke memories and an effective activities program that incorporates memory care can really add to the quality of life of elders and others who we encounter in aging services across the continuum of care. Here's how to do it.

Carnival Time
Everyone has a memory of going to a carnival. Yet many of our elders are no longer capable of getting out to one. If residents are not able to get to the carnival bring the carnival to them. Here's how to stage a carnival in your facility. No clowning around!

Linked Senior
Digital ideas must be part of every activity department! Linked Senior is a way to use technology to create activities customized to individual needs and to empower activity and programming staff. Learn about this technology solution.

Short Term Rehab Patients
A majority of older Americans will spend at least a short term stay recovering and rehabbing from medical miracles such as hip, knee and other joint replacements as well as serious medical conditions, ranging from a broken bone to a stroke. That is a challenge for activity directors - what do to with short term rehab residents?

Memory Mats
Enter the dining room of most long term care, personal care and assisted living dining rooms and you will notice an absence. Not of food. Not of people. But of conversation! A new product could help. Memory Mats, a table-mate that uses personalized photos and words to evoke memories and start conversations could be the stimulus you need for...

Chair Chi
Chair Chi is an exercise program based on the principals of Tai Chi Chuan, but designed for the elderly in retirement communities, assisted living, personal care homes, nursing homes and adult day centers. It could make a great addition to your activities program.

Using Food to Evoke Memories
Nothing says home like the smell, sight and taste of a familiar recipe. One senior living organization is using a cookbook to evoke memories for seniors under their care. Check out the cookbook but also use this as an example and an inspiration for further activities that are unique to your organization.

Activities for Men
In most retirement communities women residents outnumber the men. It’s a fact of life for most activity directors but planning for men’s activities is also a must. In this article we look at some ideas for successful men’s programming. By paying attention to the men, you can build strong relationships and better experiences for all.

Guest Writer: Gabriela Delworth
Gabriela is a Product Designer & Certified Adults Instructor. With over ten years of experience in the creative industry she loves thinking outside the box designing and developing high-end products for arts & crafts manufacturers such as: Ilovetocreate and Decoart. Check out her writing!

Travel Activity
We are proud of our melting pot country and as a people enjoy talking about our foreign roots. This diverse tapestry can form the basis of an activity program that serves residents of independent, nursing care, assisted living and adult day centers both young and old, of various physical and mental skill levels and men and women equally. Let's...

Technology Classes for Seniors
Project Looking Glass II, an effort that placed a researcher in a retirement community for one month, uncovered some interesting findings on technology’s importance and intimidation factors for seniors. Find out what they learned and how you can help your residents ease into technology.

Scouts Honor
Scouts can be a vital component in your activities programming. They are always looking for community projects and can be a help with clean-ups, gardening, building bird houses and so much more. Scouts can read to residents, demonstrate crafts and teach songs. Read more for some inspiration and ideas.

Technology Driven Activities
This hub contains articles related to seniors and activities. See how to ease elders into technology and discover some cool tools as well.

Tips for Children Visiting Nursing Homes
Do your residents have young grandchildren or great grandchildren who want to visit them? Here are six tips for helping your child get through their first visit.

Once an Eagle
An Eagle Scout Project results in flower boxes outside of every resident's window. How cool is that? Think about how you can use scouts in your activity program.

Caring for the Spiritual Side of Your Christian Resident
How can the activity director help residents continue the spiritual side of their life? Let's find out in this article. Elder Source Senior Ministries can help.

Using Puzzles to Engage Dementia Patients
How do you awaken a dementia patient into participation? By working one-on-one and building up their skills. In this case an activity director used puzzles to make the pieces fit. See how you can make them fit too.

Bringing the Beach to Your Residents
Bring the beach to your residents. Go Pearl Diving in Your Assisted Livng. Nursing Home. Here's how!

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