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Each care provider in aging services has its own set of regulations and standards. Assisted living specific information that can not otherwise be covered in the general categories for this site are covered here.
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Assisted Living Regulations by State

Assisted Living Regulations by State

Assisted Living Regulations by State

Assisted Living Regulations by State

The Assisted Living Federation of America
The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA)is one of two major organizations that support assisted living facilities in the country. It is a member-driven program that promotes business and operational excellence through an annual conference, research, publications, and executive networks while working to influence public policy.

The National Center for Assisted Living
The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) is part of the American Health Care Association (AHCA). AHCA is one of two major organizations that represent nursing homes in the country. NCAL provides advocacy, education, networking, professional development, and quality initiatives for members.

The Assisted Living Federation of America State Affiliates
Find the state affiliates for the largest organization dedicated to assisted living field.

The National Center for Assisted Living State Affiliates
When you are looking for specific state information regarding assisted living regulations, each of the two major national organizations have state affiliates. The following information takes you to the state affiliates of the National Center for Assisted Living.

Assisted Living Regs - NCAL 2010 Assisted Living State Regulatory Review
This 222-page report offers a state-by-state summary of assisted living regulations covering 21 categories; provides contact information for state agencies that oversee assisted living activities; and includes each agency’s Web site address.

Assisted Living Training Resource
There are two organizations that represent assisted living organizations - ALFA, the Assisted Living Federation of American and NCAL, the National Center for Assisted Living. Senior Living University (SLU) was established in 1996 as ALFA University and today is one of the largest providers of assisted living training and education. Their assisted living curriculum is accepted as the standard for training in over 15 states.

Assisted Living Satisfaction
The first national survey measuring the satisfaction of residents, family and staff of assisted living facilities concludes that when it comes to assisted living satisfaction, residents seem very happy while workers are less so. The latter impacts the former. But overall things are looking good for the industry.

Assisted Living Sales
Assisted Living Sales is a competitive marketplace. After all you are "selling" something that most people do not want and they have to pay out of pocket for the service. And in a bad economy new prospects are probably not flocking to the door. So to be successful at assisted living sales, your sales person should be in the market place...

Recharge Your Assisted Living Marketing
Is your assisted living marketing and sales approach stale? Do you need to recharge your marketing to increase referrals and closes? Getting to a full occupancy and being profitable in today’s business environment requires a totally different marketing approach. By continuing to pursue the same old, ineffective methods, you will get the same old...

Guest Writer: Lori Juneau-Alford
Lori Juneau-Alford is....

Reducing Hospital Admissions
AAssisted Living Providers will increasingly be tasked to figure out ways to reduce hospital admissions from long-term care settings. And there will be financial implications. The Long-Term Quality Alliance offers some advice on reducing hospital admissions.

CATIE Keeps Seniors Connected
CATIE is an interactive multimedia application for two-way communication and self-service to help residents of senior living communities stay connected to family, friends and the world around them. It was named a Program to Watch by the Assisted Living Federation of America in 2012. So you should consider watching it as well and learning what...

Centralized Purchasing Success at Silverado
Centralizing the purchasing process can be accomplished by any senior living organization. Hiring the right team and using the proper tools can transform the procurement process from being an underutilized service to becoming an integrated part of the company’s strategic planning and growth. See what you can learn from Silverado Senior Living.

New Models of Care
Therapeutic Assisted Living is made up of two immutable truths, eight principles and five interventions. It is an evolving model for not just assisted living but for all care providers in aging services. Providers would be well versed in reading and applying Mr. Bayne's ideas.

Assisted Living Survey Process
While state regulations differ in regards to assisted living facilities, expect that a survey process of some sort is in place in every state. Here is an overview of what the process might look like. Use this article as one guidepost in preparing for a survey.

Assisted Living Survey Process Part 2
State regulations differ in regards to assisted living facilities. In our first article we provided an overview of the survey process. In this article we look at plans of correction. There are certain actions you may need to take as a result of surveyor findings. Find out more.

Assisted Living Definitions
Here are some useful assisted living definitions that could come in handy. Use them when communicating with regulators, staff, families and residents.

Assisted Living Definitions
Here are more useful assisted living definitions that could come in handy. Use them when communicating with constituents.

Assisted Living Survey Prep
Here are several articles related to state surveys of assisted living facilities. Combined they start to paint a picture of what you can expect. Use these and other resources to prepare for your surveys.

Adopting Sustainable Practices in Your Assisted Living Facility
Small steps towards sustainability can make an impact--both in the amount of resources your facility uses, to the overall well being and goodwill from the residents. Here are some steps to follow.

Guest Writer: Carrie Pauling
Carrie Pauling has worked as a freelance writer for more than 15 years, covering a variety of topics, from the library industry to senior care, functional design in office spaces, healthcare, and content for a number of websites, including those for a graphic design firm, law office, funeral home, Bucknell University and many others.

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