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Each care provider in aging services has its own set of regulations and standards. Home health care, hospice care, adult day care, adult medical day care, rehabilitation services, geriatric care management, elder community services, non-medical home care, and other elder care businesses will be the focus of the information found here.

Innovative Care Models in Aging Services
This hub of articles is an evolving and growing list of innovative care models in senior care sprouting up around the world. Check out these best practices.

A Vision for Aging in Place
People want to age in place. In this article we will define a vision for aging in place and look at some of the trends and opportunities for service providers.

Glossary of Senior Housing Terms
A senior's need for assistance with health care and daily tasks can vary widely. There are many different senior housing alternatives designed to address different levels of need. The glossary is intended to acquaint you with some commonly used terms, which in turn should help you understand the types of businesses you could be involved with in the aging services sector.

Geriatric Care Managers a Growing and Needed Field
Geriatric care managers help families who are caring for older relatives. The geriatric care manager is trained and experienced in any of several fields related to long-term care, including: nursing, gerontology, social work, psychology, or case management with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and elder care. The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers can provide a wealth of information for those interested in entering the field as well as families seeking the services of these professionals.

PACE Yourself
The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a comprehensive care delivery system that allows residents to continue living at home while receiving services.

Home Remodeling for Aging in Place
Aging in place is the ability to live in one's own home for as long as confidently and comfortably possible. One of the keys to successful aging in place is to remodel the home to accommodate that. That has spawned a lucrative aging in place home remodeling and design industry.

Design for Aging
Design for an aging population reaches far beyond the borders of a home. And that means great opportunity for architects, interior designers and contractors who want to embrace this space. In this article we look at trends, opportunities and great resources available to those special individuals who want to pursue an architectural, interior...

HAIL Lab an Incubator for Aging Innovations
The Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation created the Healthy Aging and Independent Living (HAIL) Lab to support aging in place, helping seniors remain at home, healthy and independent. As you look at programs like PACE and HAIL you discover that there are innovative programs that exist, which help bridge the continuums of care.

Schlegel Villages
Schlegel Villages in Kitchener, Ontario operates eleven Schlegel Villages housing approximately 2500 seniors. Each Village has a Long Term Care component, with Full Service Retirement Living, Assisted Care, Memory Care and Independent Living options being added in stages. It is a model worth a look here in the U.S.

Seniors Aid New Hampshire
Seniors Aid New Hampshire (SANH) is composed of a group of residents who live in New Hampshire nursing homes, assisted living and independent living communities whose goal is to collaborate on efforts aimed at benefiting those in need in New Hampshire. As you look to new models of care and involvement of your seniors, this program is one to...

Choosing a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Provider
From choosing a geriatric care manager to doing your internet homework to touring a facility, there is a lot that goes into making an informed decision about care for a loved one. Here are some articles to help you choose and evaluate.

Guest Author: L.P Crawford
As a Fitness, Health, and Wellness Consultant and Healthcare Coach, L.P. has combined the studies of Fitness Maintenance, Naturopathy and Alternative Healing Methods with her Nursing Background, and has used these practices extensively in her personal life, and in working with clients. Check out her articles and consider her methods in your clinical practice.

Guest Writer: David Whitlock
Welcome guest writer David Whitlock covering long-term care pharmacy.

The Long-Term Care Pharmacy
Long-Term Care Pharmacy Can Help Reduce Anti-Psychotic Use, Readmissions

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