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Retaining Staff

A study from CareerBuilder finds that nearly all nursing professionals (93 percent) are satisfied with being a nurse and 85 percent are unlikely to ever switch careers. Four of the top ten drivers where staff would recommend their own facility are directly correlated to effective supervision and management.

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Background Check Vital-Death in Florida Calls Attention to Security

Recently, an 83-year-old assisted living resident allegedly was assaulted by a security guard at the Florida facility and subsequently died from his injuries. The suspect had passed a background check and drug test when he was hired by Atria at Evergreen Woods in Brooksville. The suspect allegedly beat two residents; one died. We can't tolerate this behavior and must toughen our procedures when hiring.  

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Concerts at Home

Concerts at Home-Perfect Marketing Tool for Home Health and Hospice Providers

Communicating Empathy

Empathy-When Patients Feel Personal Connection They Feel Care is Better

65+ in the United States

65+ in the United States-New Census Report; New Surprises

Take the Yucky Out of the Healthcare Experience

Take the Yucky Out of the Healthcare Experience-What Uber Teaches Us

Home Health Payment Update

Home Health Payment Update-Proposed New Rules Increase Payments

LGBT Communities Growing

LGBT Communities Growing-Stonewall Gardens Latest Addition

Hospice Surveying

Hospice Surveying-Calls for More Frequent Surveys by NAHC

Dementia Action Alliance Thought Leaders Summit

Dementia Action Alliance Leaders Summit-Halperin Opening Remarks a Must Read

Activity Programming for June - Article Hub

From Cole Porter's birthday to legendary singers to baseball, there is a lot to celebrate and commemorate in June.

Unforeseen Competitors Slipping into LTSS

Unforeseen Competitors Slipping into LTSS-Verizon Enters Telehealth

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