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Background Check Vital

Recently, an 83-year-old assisted living resident allegedly was assaulted by a security guard at the Florida facility and subsequently died from his injuries. The suspect had passed a background check and drug test when he was hired by Atria at Evergreen Woods in Brooksville. The suspect allegedly beat two residents; one died. We can't tolerate this behavior and must toughen our procedures when hiring.

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Concerts at Home


Concerts at Home is a perfect marketing tool for Home Health and Hospice providers. And they make a great gift for a parent or grandparent.  

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Concerts at Home

Concerts at Home-Perfect Marketing Tool for Home Health and Hospice Providers

Communicating Empathy

Empathy-When Patients Feel Personal Connection They Feel Care is Better

65+ in the United States

65+ in the United States-New Census Report; New Surprises

Take the Yucky Out of the Healthcare Experience

Take the Yucky Out of the Healthcare Experience-What Uber Teaches Us

Home Health Payment Update

Home Health Payment Update-Proposed New Rules Increase Payments

LGBT Communities Growing

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Hospice Surveying

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Activity Programming for June - Article Hub

From Cole Porter's birthday to legendary singers to baseball, there is a lot to celebrate and commemorate in June.

Unforeseen Competitors Slipping into LTSS

Unforeseen Competitors Slipping into LTSS-Verizon Enters Telehealth

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