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Nursing Home Satisfaction

My InnerView Tracks Industry Progress


Updated November 19, 2013

Nursing Home Satisfaction
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With so much emphasis on quality and satisfaction in healthcare, nursing homes have begun to measure their performance. My InnerView is a company that provides senior care leaders evidence-based management tools to better achieve their organization's goals. While this article is not an endorsement, it remains that My InnerView has a handle on industry effectiveness more so than any other entity. In this article we will look at their latest report on the industry, the National Survey of Consumer and Workforce Satisfaction in Nursing Homes. Let's look at nursing home satisfaction.

My InnerView has been measuring and reporting the level of consumer and workforce satisfaction in nursing homes since 2005. Their 2009 report encompasses one in three nursing homes, the opinions of 82,473 residents, 150,829 family members and 283,404 employees. In brief, the level of satisfaction in the country’s nursing homes shows incremental improvements every year since these data were first collected by My InnerView in 2005.

Key Findings

  • Consumer and staff recommendation is above the national average in states with pay-for- performance programs.
  • The care and services provided by the employee — and the employee/resident relationship — are the most consistent predictors of consumer recommendations.
  • Competent and caring staff is a consistent predictor of resident and family recommendation.
  • There is growing recognition that the definition of nursing home quality must continue to evolve to make it more congruent with the needs and preferences of many older Americans and their families who are seeking long-term care.

2009 Survey Characteristics

  • Consumer respondents total 233,302
  • 65% are families of residents and 35% are residents.
  • Employee respondents total 283,404.
  • High levels of satisfaction among nursing home consumers and employees is indicative of their likelihood to recommend a facility to others.
  • Recommendation among nurses, nursing assistants and overall workforce has steadily risen every year since 2007.
  • Consumer recommendation was at 85% in 2008 and essentially unchanged in 2009.

Drivers of Workforce Satisfaction

The top four factors that drive workforce recommendation are:

  • management cares
  • management listens
  • help with job stress and burnout
  • workplace safety

Top Four Drivers of Consumer Satisfaction

  • care of staff
  • competency of staff
  • nursing care
  • nursing assistant care

The residents cited three of the above substituting “choices and preferences” over “nursing assistant care.”

The number of consumers who would recommend a long-term care facility remains high at 85%, four percentage points higher than 2005. The number of residents who would recommend a nursing home increased by one percentage point over 2008.

Other factors that drive consumer and resident satisfaction include: management responsiveness, respectfulness of staff, safety of facility, resident/family updates, staffing, resident-to-staff friendships, grooming, quality of dining experience, cleanliness, security of personal belongings, respect for privacy, quality of meals, quality of dining experience, and meaningfulness of activities.

Opportunities for Improvement

My InnerView recommends these areas for improvement.

For residents and families, two factors - meeting resident choices and preferences, and responsiveness of management are key. For residents, nursing assistant care and dining — the most personal issues they face — are primary opportunities for improvement.

For employees, help with job stress is the top priority item for all sectors of the workforce, followed by management listens, and management cares.

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