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Filing a Claim with Medicaid


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Line 24 - Codes to Know
Filing a Claim with Medicaid
Anthony Cirillo
  • Item 24B - Enter the appropriate two-digit code from the Place of Service Code list for each item used or service performed. The Place of Service Code identifies the location where the service was rendered. Find them here.
  • Item 24D - Procedures, Services, or Supplies - Enter the CPT or HCPCS code(s) from the appropriate code set in effect on the date of service. The procedures, services or supplies refer to a listing of identifying codes for reporting medical services and procedures. Here is where you need to know and enter the HCPCS code for your service. Find a comprehensive list at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Learn more about CPT Codes and HCPCS Codes.

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